MEDICAL IMPLANT offers you integral solutions for your dental health. At the end of the dental treatment you will have a smile which fills you with pride, you will feel more sure of yourself and
this will have a positive impact on your professional, public and private life.
The dentists of MEDICAL IMPLANT hope and wish that every patient who has a dental restoration in our clinic is totally satisfied and will recommend us to all of their family and friends.

Implantology- Implant Specialists

The dental implant is the most effective technology for surgically restoring the loss of a natural tooth. The implants are artificial roots which are inserted into the jaw and each one is covered with
a prosthetic tooth. The dental implants are a restorative and aesthetic solution for lost teeth.
The dental implants are very strong and the patient is left with the feeling of having their natural teeth again.The implants provide the patient with a feeling of beauty, security and comfort.
In our clinic we only use the best implants such as:
Brånemark (S)

Treatment without pain

The insertion of the implants is done under anesthetic which is makes the experience easier and less painful for the patient. The clinic offers the new technique of Conscious Sedation for patients with fear or phobia of pain.

Conscious Sedation

Our philosophy is to strive for our patients welfare. We are always looking to make our dental treatments more comfortable for the patient. For this reason we have included in our medical team
specialists in anesthesiology to apply methods of concious sedation to those who request it.

Conscious Sedation is the intravenous administration of a medication which leaves the patient in a relaxed and drowsy state but without losing the ability to respond to the doctors commands, this is not the case under total anesthesia. Once the session has finished the anesthesiologist administers other drugs which result in the elimination of the effects of sedation and allows the patient to return home feeling perfectly normal.

This technique is especially for clients with fear or phobia of dental treatments, anxious people, visits of long durations and besides all of these it is also for patients who would like an extra degree
of comfort during their visit to the dentist.